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A PortaZone is an open, personal space that you can decorate and move around in-world. A Portazone is the least expensive way to get started building in there. This doesn’t mean that it is cheap, however.

PortaZones come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/4 “acre” to 2 “acre” sizes.

  • Sixteenth Acre
  • Quarter Acre
  • Half Acre
  • One Acre- Best deal all around.
  • Two Acre

In addition there are “legacy” PortaZones in other sizes that are no longer available from ShopCentral. Most are only very slightly larger than the acre equivalents and cost a lot more for rent.

There are a couple that are worth listing because they are special.

  • Casual Portazone- These are only 8m X 8M and 5 drops but you can reload 4 hours at a time for free. This is the reason they sell for 20,000 Therebucks or more.
  • 50m X 50m Portazone- These are notable for two reasons. They extend higher than most other portazones so you can build higher. Also, people on your ignore list can’t enter.

Portazones can be dropped in many places in There but by no means everywhere.


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Neighborhoods represent a major new development in There with a great potential for fun.

Basically, Neighborhoods are a fixed area or either 100 “acre” (1000 drops total) or 45 “acres” (500 drops total) with an owner member who pays There rent for the entire neighborhood and acts as the “landlord.” Other members can rent lots in the neighborhood and must comply with the neighborhood rules for building, hosting events, permissions etc.

The neighborhood owner pays There $200/month rent for a 100 acre and $100/month for a 45 acre neighborhood. Theoretically, the owner makes a profit if the neighborhood is full.

Acceptance into a neighborhood is not automatic. If you want a neighborhood lot, expect to have to contact several owners to find one that fits your needs. There is still a shortage of neighborhoods in there but they are being rapidly deployed.
Neighborhoods lots work a lot like a PortaZone but have advantages and disadvantages compared with PortaZones.


  • Cost per 30 days is about half an equivalent sized PortaZone
  • Allow hosting like a There house
  • Lot owner can turn set permissions for dropping, driving, paintball etc.
  • Lot owner can set permission to who can enter as in a There house
  • Small lots are taller in Neighborhoods than an equivalent sized PortaZone
  • A small neighborhood lot is the least expensive way to have a place of your own to set permissions and to host events.


  • A neighborhood must be left out 24/7 (a PortaZone can be picked up held in inventory for free)
  • Even with permissions set, a neighborhood lot does not offer quite as much privacy as a There house.
  • Neighbohood lots can be moved only within the neighborhood (A PortaZone can be moved around almost anywhere)
  • Neighborhoods still have a good many bugs
  • Neighborhoods must be placed by There staff and can’t be moved (Lots can be moved within the neighborhood)

Owning a neighborhood is only for very experienced Thereians. However, a small lot is an inexpensive way to have a place of your own.


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FrontierZones are for outdoor activities but don’t keep score like FunZones.  FrontierZones are great for big outdoor parties and meetings.

FrontierZones have a fence that extends high into the air around them to keep people from accidentally leaving the area.  This also keeps people from accidentally flying into your event.
The sell for up to 1,000,000 Therebucks.  Rent is about 40,000 Therebucks per month.


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Funzones are great for there sports such as hoverboarding or buggy racing. There are plenty that you can use to host events for free.

FunZones have a fence that extends high into the air around them to keep people from accidentally leaving the area.  This also keeps people from accidentally flying into your event.

Note that most of the Funzone owners strictly enforce rules about hosting. Typical rules are:

  • only buggy (paintball, hoverboard, etc.) events
  • host must remain in event
  • no invitation only events

Funzones often sell for as much as 1,000,000 Therebucks. Rent is from about 18,000 to 40,000 Therebucks per month.


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Clubhouses work a lot like houses but there are important differences.

You cannot auction, give or trade clubhouses, because they have their own rental rules. Only club leaders can rent clubhouses, so it would be too costly to check if potential renters are club leaders each time.

In theory, this means you have to find a clubhouse that is currently not being used and rent it directly from There. In practice, members who want to sell a clubhouse advertise and you meet them so they can release it. You then immediately rent it from There.

Remember, you must be a club leader before you rent the clubhouse!

Despite this limitation, there are several advantages to a clubhouse over a regular house.

  • Any club member can decorate the clubhouse any time. You and your friends can decorate together. (Trust me, this is fun.)
  • Your club page will have a picture and a link to the clubhouse.
  • Rent is usually a bit less than for a house.

There Houses

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Houses in there work a lot like houses in real life. If you are the current renter, you have a lot of control about how the house is decorated and who can come in. In real life and in There, an important function of houses is to let allow privacy for your family and friends and keep the rest of the world out.
A function that is just as important in There is event hosting. There has tools to make it easy to schedule events, invite people to your events. Scheduling events makes it easy for people with similar interests to meet you.

You can allow others to host events at your house. People you authorize to host events can host and decorate the house while they are hosting an event.

Costs of There Houses
In There, houses have a deed a lot like in real life. There are many differences in ownership in There, however.

Unlike real life, after you buy the house you still have to pay rent to There every month. Owning a deed to a house allows you to pay rent to There for that house.

In There, buying a house is in two parts. You buy the deed for the house from someone in auctions and then you pay rent to There monthly. Rent varies for houses but is about 18,000 to 24,000 ThereBucks per month.

Houses vary a lot in asking price depending on the size of the house and (of course) location. Some houses in prime spots that sell for over 100,000 Therebucks. In Tyr and Motu Motu there are some empty houses that you can move into just by paying the first month’s rent.

  • An average amount to expect to pay is about 25,000 ThereBucks for the deed and 24,000 more when the rent is due.
  • You should also expect to spend another 100,000 ThereBucks to decorate the house.
  • You can search for houses at There Central.

This is from ThereCare:

Each house and FunZone in There has a deed associated with it; so any time you rent a house or FunZone in There, you will automatically get a deed. What is a deed? Although a deed generally shows ownership of something, in this case, deeds show who has the right to rent a piece of property (or a house) in There. You could say it’s kind of like a lease in real life.

Real Estate in There

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Many new members are confused about the way “real estate” works in there. At a first glance There looks a lot like the real world, the ground looks like ground, some structures look like houses.

A bit closer look reveals some differences. There are lots of strange looking structures all around. In the There world, water, sky and even space are great places to build things.

  • There Houses- Houses in there have deeds that can be traded or sold in auctions.
  • Clubhouses- Clubhouses work a lot like houses but there are important differences.
  • Neighborhoods- Rent a fixed lot of land.
  • Funzones- Funzones are great for there sports such as hoverboarding or buggy racing. There are plenty that you can use for free.
  • Frontier Zones- Fronier Zones are for great for outdoor activities such as large parties.
  • PortaZone- a portable lot that can be dropped and moved easily.

Often, members come up with creative ways to use different types of There real eastate together. For example, many members with there houses drop a PAZ outside and create a yard or deck to compliment the fixed structure.


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How to buy stuff cheap and sell stuff you don’t want for fun and profit.

It is easy to find bargains just search activites for “yardsale.” Sign up for a few and shop til you drop.

If you are selling, you need to do a bit more planning to make the most of your time.

Here is some useful information if you want to host a yardsale:

Yardsales are a fun and profitable way to sell stuff you don’t want anymore in There or real life. There makes it a lot more fun by making easy.

The first thing you will need is a place to show your stuff.

You have a good many options on places you can drop your items to display them:

  • PortaZone (this is usually not a very good choice because you can’t schedule events in PortaZone.)
  • Funzone
  • House or Clubhouse with optional paz outside
  • Frontierzone
  • Neighborhood lot

A paz will work just fine at Duda Beach, but you are better off using some place where you can schedule a THERE event. There are also open funzones where you can schedule. Just make sure you follow the rules where ever you schedule.

Here are some tips from a yardsale pro, GreenBudGoddess.

Start with advertising

  • join all the yard sale groups in my profile
  • send an invite to all the groups at the start of your sale AFTER you have set up (because I assure you they will arrive in droves)

Organization is good

  • put things for the outdoors together
  • plants together
  • rugs together etc
  • separate interior decor from exterior
  • use a tiki flyer and list everything in it in their appropriate categories
  • search the auctions and find the lowest price and base YOUR price on those.

If an item is say 3500 in auction I usually go down to 2800-3000 depending on the item and the demand for the item

When you send out your invites only do it once.

Invites go through THERE mail and if people get too many they get mad. I only did it once, I received a nasty email from someone the other night because he said by my inviting twice, I was spamming him. So with MY sales the only multiple invites I do are the place where I live and my 2 sister groups the rest only get one invite.

Schedule your event at a good time.

  • Place your event listing early and remember the difference in time zones best time for a sale is between 730 and 1030 pm after dinner.
  • Best days are friday night (payday) and Saturdays, I make the most money on those days.

The THERE Flea Market

On Sunday at 5pm est that is an excellent event (when there is no football). The listings for that go into the event listings around 230 pm. You MUST sign up for the set up AND the sale (2 different events.)

Be forewarned!
When you sign up for the set up period so do a lot of other people who come early to get the good deals. I also find that if you have a PortaZone pre set up that you can pull out ready to go in 1 drop you will have better success in being ready for anxious buyers.

I just know that A LOT of people are affected by the costs of auction fees now so people are turning to these yard and neighborhood sales as a sort of protest.


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Therebucks is the currency inside there. You buy it for real money.

Shop Central

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Shop central is a place to buy stuff from There. Some items such as card tables can only be purchased in Shop Central. For most items, auctions is a better place to buy.

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